'Who is afraid of bilingual education?'

Watch the video about the closure of bilingual education in the Northern territory and find out. (requires UNSW Library access).
What about in other countries? How do language policies respond to the needs of indigenous and immigrant children?
Unfortunately I do not have children myself, but I know that children can learn two languages from birth quite easily. There are some important strategies though that parents should follow. I would love to hear about examples of 'best practice' and some of the difficulties in bringing up children biingually. Please share your thoughts and examples.
I would welcome examples from diverse communities to explore how these communities keep in contact with members of their language and culture through modern technology. Does technology assist or impede linguistic diversity?
Some people say you can be German, Hungarian, Polish even if you do not speak German, Hungarian and Polish. What are the connections between ethnic identity and languages?
What does it mean to be bicultural? How do you navigate your everyday life through 2 or more cultures? What are some of the challenges?
Some people argue that linguistic diversity is similar to biodiversity. Certainly there is a reason to maintain both, but is it a dangerous comparison?
Sometimes I ask myself- is it really important to learn the language that you no longer have around you? Why care really?.. there is English around anyway! You won't need  Dinka to get a job- you ll need English..you won't need Dinka to take an exam. so.. really..? why do YOU need Dinka? 

Do you need it?